Purposeful Pedagogy for Transformative Teaching

I promised you “plain talk,” so let’s start here:
The term “pedagogy” describes the combination of strategies, theories, and mindsets that educators use when shaping their interactions with students, both in and out of the classroom. Purposeful pedagogy for transformative teaching involves thoughtful, critical decisions about those building blocks so that we can create the most effective learning experience for our students, from Pre-K to graduate school.

How We Can Help

Workshops &
Educational Resources

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Online workshops and classes on best practices and concrete strategies for effective teaching

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Models and exemplars to use in your teaching, plus supplemental readings for a deeper dive

Support for “pandemic schooling” parents, as well as for faculty grappling with remote teaching

Pandemic Prep

We’re in uncharted educational waters. No one knows what Fall will bring, but you’re being urged to prepare for “remote delivery” and “hyflex” and “optimizing your LMS.” Our workshops can help you cut through the jargon to create meaningful educational experiences for your students. Additional workshops will be added in the weeks ahead.

  • Cultivating Authentic Presence Remotely
  • Methods for Modules
  • Effective Asynchronous Strategies
  • Effective Online Group Work
  • Using Breakout Rooms for Meaningful Discussion
  • Guide on the Side: Parenting through Pandemic School
  • Instructional Design Strategies for K-5 Educators
  • What University Educators Should Learn From Their K-12 Peers
  • Creating a Feedback Plan in Your Online Courses
  • …and more!

Meditations on Transformative Teaching as a Life-Long Pursuit

Pedagogy in Process

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