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Meditations on Transformative Teaching as a Life-Long Pursuit

Slow Is Fast

Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut novels, set in an alternate history in which a meteorite takes out the Eastern Seaboard and kicks the space program into overdrive 10 years early, are a gripping, fascinating read, full of well-rounded characters and heart-stopping crises. You are probably wondering when this became a book blog. It hasn’t. Kowal’sContinue reading “Slow Is Fast”

A young girl in an Elsa costume holds up her hands to "freeze" an unseen person.

Do The Next Right Thing

My daughter turned 7 yesterday, and like many a 7-year-old, she is deeply enamored of the Frozen franchise. Lately, I’ve found myself channeling Anna, who, when faced with a double-barreled tragedy plus a daunting and impossible task, tells herself – in song, of course – to “do the next right thing.” Online teaching is aContinue reading “Do The Next Right Thing”

Thinking Beyond the Pandemic

This bizarre historical moment has forced our hand in requiring educators at every level to change our teaching practices to incorporate technology that too many of us have found ways to avoid or minimize. But, beyond the pandemic, those technologies offer us a chance to enrich our in-person courses.

Technology Is Great. Until It’s Not.

Remote education, especially synchronous sessions, opens us up to a whole host of unfamiliar obstacles that need unfamiliar solutions. I’m in the middle of running a great online workshop. My participants are engaged and full of fantastic ideas about considerations that educators need to address when working with students remotely. And then my power goesContinue reading “Technology Is Great. Until It’s Not.”

Why Online Learning Takes Longer

Novices to online teaching often fall into a logical trap: If students are in class with us for less time, then we obviously need to add more activities for them to complete online to make up the gap. But that underlying assumption is flawed.

Welcome to Purposeful Pedagogy

I am a composition scholar, an educational developer, a practitioner of transformative education both in and out of the classroom, and an accidental instructional design evangelist.

The Accidental Evangelist

This is the story of how I stopped squinting suspiciously at educational technology and grasped the full potential of a thoughtfully-designed learning experience and discover an unanticipated affinity for learning experience design.

Using Icebreakers to Build Community in Remote Classes

I hate ice breakers. Now that I’ve gotten that confession out of the way, I have to shamefacedly admit that ice breakers are absolutely crucial to building community between you and your students, as well as among your students, in an online environment.

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