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Purposeful Pedagogy for Transformative Teaching offers workshops and supplemental resources to help college faculty, K-12 teachers, and caregivers think through teaching and technical questions. These questions don’t have one-size-fits-all answers, because so much depends upon your students, your subject/discipline, your class size, your level of comfort with technology, and many other factors. The workshops are designed to help you determine which questions you need to ask and to sketch out potential answers that might fit your situation.

Join us now to begin finding your answers. Full workshop listings can be found below, as well as on Eventbrite.

All workshops will be recorded. Recordings will be available only to session registrants.

Workshop Types

Our free workshops provide an overview of key online learning challenges facing educators and families.

Want a deeper dive into best practices and concrete strategies? Try one of our premium workshops. In addition to an interactive session, you’ll get access to supplemental resources, such as samples, steppers, and suggestions for further reading.

Intensive workshops offer an extended exploration of skills or strategies. Some intensives provide “boot camps” that combine several workshops on overlapping strategies. Others provide a sustained hands-on experience with a particular skill or strategy.

Free Workshops
Range Fires and Sinkholes: Common Online Teaching Missteps

This free workshop offers tips and strategies for avoiding common online teaching missteps. Learn from others’ mistakes to save yourself and your students some frustration.

Guide on the Side: Helping Your Child with Pandemic School

This free workshop shares strategies for deciphering school jargon, getting comfortable with online learning apps, and knowing how and when to push back when you or your child are overwhelmed with pandemic school requirements.

Ready for My Close-Up: Strategies for Online Success

This free workshop provides tips and tricks for setting up your workspace, configuring your apps, and organizing your materials to create effective synchronous and asynchronous experiences for your students.

A Family Guide to Education Apps

Our FREE Family Guide to Remote Learning workshop offers a brief introduction to key principles of remote learning, plus an overview of commonly used K-12 educational apps: Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Seesaw, and Padlet. We’ll also discuss the challenges of “busywork” apps, so you have a sense of when and how to push back if needed.

Premium Workshops
An illustration of a group of people working together on a digital project

Using Breakout Rooms for Meaningful Discussion

This online workshop will explore teaching strategies and best practices for using breakout rooms in during web conferences with students for meaningful class discussion.

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Methods for Modules: Organizing Course Materials in Your LMS

This online workshop will spotlight three organizational strategies for using learning modules effectively to help your students navigate the online components of their courses.

NOTE: Your organization’s LMS might use the term “lessons” or “topics” rather than modules.

Designing Effective Online Learning Experiences: Instructional Design Strategies for K-5 Educators

Instructional Design Strategies for K-5 Educators

How can we create effective online learning experiences for our youngest students? This workshop identifies strategies for choosing and scaffolding online tools and apps to create learning experiences that are engaging for your students and transparent for their families.

Using Presence to Support Progress: Creating a Constructive Feedback Plan in Your Online Courses

Creating a Feedback Plan in Your Online Courses

Receiving constructive feedback is always a crucial part of an effective learning experience. In an online environment, effective feedback plans become even more important. This workshop presents options for creating feedback plans that weave in multiple methods and modalities.

Effective Strategies for Asynchronous Engagement

Effective Strategies for Asynchronous Engagement

Engaging students “asynchronously” is a perpetual challenge for robust online learning experiences. Join us to learn best practices for designing asynchronous experiences that get students engaged not just with you, but with each other. This workshop explores best practices using discussion boards, Seesaw, and Perusall.

Illustrations of diverse people working in small groups

Strategies for Effective Online Group Work

Anxious about how you’re going to handle group work in an online (or socially-distanced) course? This workshop will spotlight considerations and challenges for effective online group work and present some best practices and models for online group projects.

Effective Online Teaching: What University Educators Should Learn From Their K-12 Peers

Effective Online Teaching: What University Educators Should Learn from Their K-12 Peers

Increasing our reliance on online teaching methods is difficult across the board, and we’re all learning as we go. We don’t need to learn in a vacuum, though. Our K-12 colleagues have a headstart on some key practices and tools that can enrich online learning environments for university students. This workshop highlights teaching best practices and engaging ed tech tools that we should borrow and adapt for higher ed learning.

Intensive Workshops

Pandemic Prep Boot Camp

This FOUR-HOUR workshop combines four key topics for preparing your Fall classes:

Part 1 — Cultivating Authentic “Presence” When Socially-Distanced

Part 2 — Tips and Tricks for Effective Asynchronous Engagement

Part 3– Using Breakout Rooms for Effective Discussion

Part 4 — Strategies for Effective Online Group Work

Authentic Presence in Practice

Try out some best practices for cultivating authentic presence both synchronously and asynchronously. This NINETY-MINUTE “sandbox” workshop is a hands-on opportunity to try out teaching methods and tools. The workshop includes brief periods for participants to work independently to mimic “asynchronous” work. To fully experience the work of the session, participants must be willing to create a free Perusall account.

Need a custom workshop?

Need a targeted workshop for your department or organization? We can adapt an existing workshop, bundle related workshops, or create specialized topics for your audience. Click here to review potential topics and rates.

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